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by ravenmaster
Savannah Bleu - A First Ten Artist

Savannah Bleu is an independent singer and songwriter based in LA

Savannah Bleu is an independent singer and songwriter from LA. Eclectic music influences her songwriting. She adds unique artistic flair to each song.

Bleu moved to LA after school to pursue her musical dreams. She works tirelessly on her album, performs with her band and produces music videos. People notice Bleu for her adorable looks and amazing voice. Her charisma and charm leave a lasting impression on her audience.

Savannah Bleu

Savannah Bleu

Spotify, Apple, Amazon and more platforms showcase Bleu’s music. Her fans eagerly anticipate more from this talented artist. Bleu’s beautiful voice and charming personality make her one of the most promising artists of our time.

Her fans admire her passion and dedication to her craft. Bleu’s friendship with RAVN Radio is special and will always hold a place in their hearts.


In conclusion, Savannah Bleu is an up-and-coming artist worth keeping an eye on. With her unique artistic flair, beautiful voice and charming personality, Bleu is set to leave a lasting impact on the music world. Check her out on Instagram and Spotify to stay updated on her latest work.

Visit her FIRST TEN page for more info and links to music and social media.

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