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We have officially launched

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Officially launched RAVN Radio

Over 2 years in the making!

We have officially launched. It has been a long and winding road after the covid thing to get this station up and where it needed to be. We are not done with the site, there are many areas hidden for the time being.

Let’s jump back and discuss what has transpired over the past few years. 

Back in 2020, we were KVGI Radio and the door had to shut due to covid. We found ourselves in a pickle like everyone else working to resolve an issue we have no clue about. We ran for a few months till end of March 2020. At that time it was decided to just shut it down for the time being. As a CEO, I had plans to keep this station going in Texas while I moved to Michigan full time. I had a staff and it ran well.

Late March 2020, despite the covid thing, I started to do some podcasts online and some of my customers saw this and reached out to me and said if I can do that for them online then they would come back. And boom we were back online but as a media company doing podcasts. Loved every moment of it. Covid did no slow me down or the company for that matter. We took that experience and adapted to our clients.

Goin back to my roots

In 2021, I wanted to get back in to radio. After not much thinking it was determined it was going top happen. How? What name? we had no clue! And I mean we, meaning me and my wife and maybe a few friends that knew about. I took some time in mid 2021 to work on some ideas and put some things to paper and a white board.


In late summer of 2021, probably around August-September time frame we came up with a name, RAVN Radio. Side note: Raven is the name of my Belgium sheepdog and Raven means independent. After a lot of looking and trying other names it was all taken and would not work. Then one day after typing a few things on some notes I miss typed Ravn to Ravn and thought that looked cool. Right off the bat I came up with Who Ya RAVN about? It worked, it was so me.

In November 2021, I was diagnosed with Cancer ( #CancerSUCKS ), Esophageal cancer to be exact. Everything was put on hold. I tried to work on the ideas here and there. My health was more important and needed my attention 100 percent.

I am surviving cancer, I am beating cancer and winning!

Over the next few months I worked on the site content and one day I chose the colors, a deep dark purple and a bright pinkish color that I fell in love with. That was it. I was back. Writing again and designing a site that fit those colors and that badass name!

We are in February 2023 and it was time to make this site LIVE and focus on getting the site where it looked good, worked good and made sense. Here we are! February 2023, RAVN Radio has launched the brand, a premier internet radio station. We developed this for indie artists and podcasters to be heard. Welcome everyone!

What’s next?

The current plan is to get the rest of the site completed. We have a podcast area to make live, more DJ’s to add, complete the FAQ’s section and write more blogs. Another huge item in the works is to organize all the music we have streaming at this time. Basically, we need to add thousands more. After all, we are streaming indie artists from around the globe, 24/7.

A schedule of the shows that will be pre-recorded or LIVE will be put in pay in the next month and one item we have not discussed here. How to listen?

How do you listen to the stream?

Currently you have one main options with 2 different areas. You can use the footer of the site to stream or you can use the player on the front page. The footer version, you can opt to have that un attach so you can go visit other areas of our site while you listed to the artists we share with you. We are working on other ways. Our own app is in the works, that takes time to design and setup, it will be coming, and very soon. Another way it connect you with third party services like TuneIn and Spotify to name a few.

There ya have it folks. That’s the story and I’m sticking to it. I hope you like it and I really hope you enjoy the tunes from artists you probably have not heard of, yet. We even had a client give us a testimonial:

“I love hearing from artists that I have not heard. It refreshing to my ears to hear what is out there. Thank you for giving these artists a place to be heard.

This is outstanding to read and know we are headed in the right direction. This is the end of this story for now, thank you to my wife for all the months and working with me on ideas to get this site and company where it needed to be. A huge thanks to a few friends that have known or collaborated with me along the way: Shannon, Katrina, Zane, Alex, Joe, Caleb, Stuart, Blair, Robert and I think I got all.


Thank you for taking the time to come here and check us out. Before you do anything else, go listen to some of our music. One last thing, we want to hear from you. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, or additions or see a problem. We can’t do this alone, we encourage you all to help if you can.

See you on the next blog, Who ya RAVN about?

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RAVN Radio is a premier internet radio station. We developed this for indie artists and podcasters to be heard.  Who ya RAVN about?


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