About RAVN Radio

Who are we?

We are a radio station broadcasting online and streaming independent artists from around the globe.  RAVN Radio works with producers, agents, and of course why you’re really here, the music artists. Music artists need to be heard and we are here to share their talents!

We work along side music artists every step of the way so they can be heard. 

Founded in 2021

The founder, Mark Wariner was one of the original founders of KVGI Radio that some of you may remember over the years.  So, on to the short story.

KVGI started early in 2013. It produced thousands of radio shows and podcasts over the years and started 2 other stations, totaling of 3 online radio stations. One was KVGI Music and the other was KVGI Sports, then of course the general station we all knew about. 

An then… The pandemic started, and KVGI closed it’s doors (it sucked)

We found ourselves in a pickle. Seems when a company is service driven then hit by a pandemic that we have never seen in our lifetime, the station was forced to make a decision on the future.

As sad as it was for the entire world, and even though we were an essential business, most of our clients were not. We had no choice really for the foreseeable future. The options were to keep going or shut down. Obviously we chose to shut down and re-focus on what will become of our new future.

Now that you know a little of history and backstory. Let’s talk about RAVN Radio.

RAVN Radio is simply here to help indie artists get heard over the air. We want to share those musicians. All musicians are worth RAVN about, right? We were all taught the universal language is music. 

We stream music 24/7 and air some of the best talk shows including some from the old days at KVGI. From time to time you will hear interviews from those musicians too. 

RAVN Radio may not have every music genre to entertain everyone, we know this to be true. Take a chance, open your eyes and ears,  you may hear music that you never heard before. This is your chance to hear from artists around the world.

About RAVN Radio

How can you listen?

Simple answer, right here on this website, RAVN Radio. We are looking to launch app in mid 2023 that you will fin on favorite app store. We will update this area when this goes live.

RAVN Radio website
RAVN Radio mobile APP
Not only can you listen to RAVN Radio on this site, you can also read our blogs, music news and connect directly with the musician.

What does the future look like?

While that is hard to tell, that is hard to know. Here is what we can tell you. Since the idea took off in 2021, we have worked non-stop to create this platform for indie artists. We will continue streaming their music 24/7. In addition, we will have a newsletter that will come to your inbox, and provide podcasts with interviews and talk shows.


One of the bigger additions will be adding freelance writers that want to share their music stories. Get ready for something different that might change who you are and how you listen to music.


Our ears are open, if you find something we need to be RAVN about. 
RAVN Radio

RAVN Radio is a premier internet radio station. We developed this for indie artists and podcasters to be heard.  Who ya RAVN about?


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