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Rex Allen

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Rex Allen

Rex Allen is a rising country music star from Texas, known for his powerful voice and meaningful lyrics. He blends traditional country music with a modern twist, creating a unique sound that captivates audiences. His songs reflect his deep roots in Texas and his personal beliefs, such as his faith in Jesus, which is evident in his hit song “Jesus Is My Homeboy”.

Rex is not just a talented musician, but also a dedicated veteran who served in the Army. He uses his platform to give back to the veteran community by supporting various organizations and hosting benefits for those in need.

Fans and audiences love Rex’s raw and genuine approach to music. He connects with his listeners through his relatable stories and heartfelt performances. His dedication to his craft and his community have earned him a growing following and recognition as a First Ten Artist by RAVN Radio for 2023.

Rex Allen

Rex Allen

Rex’s music is more than just entertainment, it’s a reflection of his life and his values. He creates beautiful music that inspires, uplifts, and brings joy to those who listen.


As he continues to gain recognition and success, Rex remains humble and focused on creating music that matters. He is a true artist, who believes that “beauty is what we create”.

In conclusion, Rex Allen is a rising country music star from Texas with a unique sound and meaningful lyrics. He is known for his powerful voice and his dedication to his military service and the veteran community. His relatable stories and heartfelt performances connect him with audiences, and he remains humble and focused on creating music that inspires and uplifts. With his growing following and recognition, Rex Allen is sure to make a big impact in the country music scene.

Please check out his FIRST TEN page for more info and links to his music and social media.

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Rex Allen

by ravenmaster
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Rex Allen

Veteran (Army), Texas Country Artist, Father to my Son, and Believer in God,

One Voice and six strings is what keeps audiences coming back to listen to the young troubadour Rex Allen over & over again.

Fans have accredited the country artist development and style to his deep Texas roots that have inspired poetic songs like “Jesus Is My Homeboy” a song that depicts growing up in Johnson County, believing in Jesus, and being true to one’s self.

It’s not just fans and audiences with their eyes and ears on the singer songwriter, the community has taken notice to the artist selfless service in The Armed Forces. So it’s no surprise to see this young man donating his time and voice to multiple veteran organizations, or hosting benefits for a neighbor in a time of need.

  • I believe that beauty is what we create.

  • Rocking out and getting Rexless!

  • Texas Raised, Texas Made!

We met Rex many years ago when we were KVGI Radio. We have stayed in touch over the years in social media from time to time and to this day still follow what we do. 2023 will be a BIG year for Rex so keep an eye out on this guy. And as soon as we have more updates and social media links and of course some of his music, you will be the first to know.

Welcome to being a First Ten Artist from RAVN Radio!

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