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Jimmy Sky - Banji Mashide


After several years, numerous personal adventures and near-complete musical silence, eclectic Australian singer, musician, actor and writer Jimmy Sky presents Banji Mashide: six songs, many lives, one journey. Very loosely translated as ‘All Things Considered’, the lyrics are what life is all about – falling in love, getting married, breakups, relationship patchwork, laughter, sadness, depression, self destruction, existential death, personal redemption, rebirth, and starting anew.

The record also serves as a tribute to Jimmy’s family, closest influences and loved ones.

This EP follows on from Something True, Jimmy’s tenth online-only, ‘digital-vinyl’ release from 2017, representing a significant departure from his previous lo-fi, arthouse home-basement recording style. By contrast, Banji Mashide is produced, mixed and engineered by ARIA award winner Govinda Doyle (Angus and Julia Stone, Lady of the Sunshine) who also performs on the record. Mastered by John Davis of Metropolis Studios (Nick Cave, The XX, Led Zeppelin) the record features guest vocals by Logan Dove, strings by Cye Wood, saxophone by Josh Appleby and trumpet by Tara Nielsen. Cover art by Jeremy Torman.

Although each song, the process of production, the record as a whole and the silence of decades between tracks possess their own complex stories, Jim has said of the record, “I hope listeners will resonate in their own way, with their own interpretation. More than anything, my wish is that Banji Mashide will bring joy to its audience.”

Banji Mashide will be released to online retailers in late December 2022 on BandCamp, and in exclusive hard copy early 2023. 

In past years, Jimmy Sky served as vocalist and guitarist for a variety of acts such as ‘The Wyrd’, ‘A Name Will Come’, ‘Flowers For Lily’, ‘KUNST’ and ‘Love Hate Rebellion’. As a musician Sky was nominated for an International Music Award in 2008.


In literature he has published a novella entitled ‘Two Views’, as well as a number of freelance magazine articles for online music magazines. As an actor Jimmy is known for Aussie Spies and the Monstrous Mystery (2016) The Infant (short, 2015) Swindler in the Swale (short, 2016) and more recently ‘The Undeniable Truth’ (finalist, Roma Cinema DOC Film Festival) with more credits to be announced. Raised on a bushland property and in the back of a travelling caravan by his father.

Jimmy was homeschooled and achieved Dux for Economics in Senior year of High School but did not attend University, later gaining qualifications in Business and Management. To date Jimmy continues his work in music, film and literature.

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