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Herd Records Is Proud to Announce COALESCENCE by Icicle

We are pleased to announce new music from ICICLE into our rotation. This is released by Herd Records.


Krassy Halatchev (Icicle) has proven with his 11 studio albums to date that he has a lot of colours in his musical palette.

COALESCENCE is the 12th studio record, and yet another milestone in Icicle’s fascinating and unpredictable music journey.

The record unfolds as an intoxicating rainbow of auditory treats, making it a winter smash for the spring season.


The first single, Think Fast and Slow Dance, is a contagious funky number that grabs you from the get go. The lyrics reminisce and reflect while riding the wave of a melodic and instantly memorable chorus. Backup vocals are courtesy of the amazing Kat Howell.

The second single, Fall, is a pure contrast to the former. It is a heavy guitar driven track with a hefty amount of vigour and intensity. The subject matter is about overcoming life’s hard knocks –

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“We were meant to understand

You gotta get beat to become a man”

The closing track, Reluctant Jesus, features lyrics by Joel Jenkins – a long time pen-partner of Icicle’s. It is a simple, soft and calm piano-and-vocal song that is sure to leave you pondering.

COALESCENCE is another kaleidoscopic palette of sonic shapes and moods, conjuring mental rainbows while tempos, rhythms, melodies, even volume levels shift to near collapse, before locking together into undeniable hooks that defy their underlying complexity.

For more info please visit Icicle’s website or their manager at Herd Records

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