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Imaro M

by ravenmaster
Imaro M


Imaro M is a blind artist, Pianist and drummer, he began to compose music at an early age.

Originally from Guadeloupe, he was influenced by Caribbean music, then by all contemporary music when he went to France to study classical and jazz music in Paris.

Discover it through its new titles in 2023.

There was not enough information about Imaro M that we would find, however, on his Facebook page we found this info that might be helpful to know him a little more.


For those who don’t know me, I am Imaro M, originally from Guadeloupe. I have been cradled from my tender childhood by virtuous Caribbean pianists such as the eclectic Mario Canonge or the Afro-Cuban jazzman Chucho Valdés.

I lost my sight during childhood drama and then turned to piano and drumming practice at just 9.

Other recent posts . . .

I spent a long time in the profession of piano tuner-repair, incorporating various bands as a drummer or pianist, before dedicating myself fully to composing, writing, and arranging my own pieces.

I invite you to discover my musical universe and follow me on my social networks.

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