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DJ Schedule coming to you

by ravenmaster
DJ Schedule

That’s right… The next step in LIVE music here at RAVN Radio

Over the course of the next week, we will implement the official DJ schedule. DJ Monkybutt was the first to produce a show here and it was a huge success. Over a few thousand people listened in, took many callers and texts and social posts during the show. The result was so good in fact that more people stepped forward to ask, how do they become a DJ?

Simple, go to this link: Become a DJ

Fill that info out and we will get back to you.


Over this next week some minor changes to the site will take effect and we have a few new things in store. Sorry too hot to tease you now, you will have to wait. Let’s just say, this is some really good news in the works here.

So, the final word is: Schedule will be announced, New DJ’s will be on board and their schedule will be in the process or created. New areas on the site added, good news about RAVN Radio and DJ Monkybutt will be set to broadcast LIVE according to the new schedule.

That’s it folks. just a small tease to tell you about some good news coming your way very soon.

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