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Encore Presentation – DJ Monkeybutt

by ravenmaster


I forgive you. It was awesome to get back in the seat, play some really great music for you and take a few calls and chat about the ole days and the future.

You missed the show, that’s ok, I decided to do an ENCORE Presentation, not 1 chance but 2 chances to hear the show.

  • 8pm-12:43am Sunday April 23rd, 2023
  • 8pm-12:43am Wednesday April 26th, 2023

What did you miss? A LOT

Tons of great music tracks from p[op, country, reggae, Jazz, metal. Interviews, one specific interview done back in 2016 with DJ Monkeybutt and DJ LA, we interview the one and only talented Savannah Bleu.

A few friends called in to say hello and help send me off to the DJ world. We had a great time. I was expecting to do just 3 hours but I went on for 4 hours and 42 minutes. WOW!


Huge thank you to al those that listened and to all that that called in, texted, chatted and send message via social media. This is only the beginning as we ramp up and bring on more DJ;s to share mor eindependent artists that need to be heard.

So you have 2 chance to hear the show from start to finish. ENJOY!

The stats:

Heard by thousands, average listen was 2 hours and 9 minutes, from USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, Denmark, Vietnam, Great Britain, Italy, & Germany were the top ten countries. WOW

THANK YOU! It was an amazing night and so good to be back in my element. Onward and upwards as they say. Sta tuned to this site and all the social media. More announcements and more shows are coming!

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