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What had happened was

by ravenmaster
The RAVN Award

Let us tell you a story about something we created and it worked.

What had happened was we created an area on this site for musicians, artists, bands, agents or producers to share with RAVN Radio to share this music with us. Guess what. It worked! That’s right folks, we create a simple form to submit music or albums or tracks and let us know all the details.

In this case, there can only be one. The first one. The one that started it all. The one that took this time to fill out the information we require and hit that submit button. One person deserves this attention and acknowledgment.

The first ever RAVN Award goes to:

Damian Carruthers, Simmons & The Stags

Let’s get to the facts. Damian took the time to come to our little website on the inter webs and took the time to fill out this form. What was shared is exactly what that form was intended for. What form is that you ask? THIS ONE


Damian share with us about a band called Simmons & The Stags. We have the info and once we get a music track and listen to it, we just might put this in rotation. Huge thank you goes to the first ever RAVN award winner for filling out this form and letting us know about music they were RAVN about. See, it worked. Who’s next?

Without further ado, here are the links to go give Simmons & The Stags a listen and see what they are all about.

The following info was sent to us as a write about the band:

Simmons & The Stags are an indie/pop/rock band from London, UK. The band consist of charismatic frontman, Sean Simmons, Tom Franklin who’s versatility and melodic ability to craft catchy & memorable guitar licks co-exist beautifully with Sean’s driving rhythm and last, but not least, Mikey Hobley on stick duties. Mikey brings a raw energy to the band and really does put the term ‘innovate, don’t imitate’ into his drumming style.

Simmons & The Stags
Simmons & The Stags

The band draw influence from artists like Busted, Blink 182 & Foo Fighters. Their unique ability to write catchy 3 minute sing along pop rock anthems, whilst keeping the lyrics relatable and meaningful are what make this band so special!

Being London boys though, they really do wear their city on their sleeves and this is clear to see with Sean’s authentic vocal style. There really is no question on where these boys hail from and the vocal style, whilst being melodic, smooth and on point is more akin to that of Jamie T than their pop punk & rock influences.

‘Is It Over’ is the brand new single from Simmons & The Stags and is a beautiful example of what this band do best. The chorus is massive, the song is full of hooks and Sean delivers when it comes to the vocals. Having made a dent in the singles charts with their last offering,

‘Is It Over’ looks set to propel the band even further into the musical stratosphere.

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