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My name is Katrina Lynn! I’m a Nashville recording artist and I love to sing and just entertain people.

Katrina Lynn featured on over 100 radio shows. Charted in Sweden, Germany, Switzerland & Norway alongside, Martina McBride, Faith Hill, Taylor Swift etc.

Having the mind of an entrepreneur who knows how to make you stop and take notice, Katrina is one singer on the rise to great things! 

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Katrina Lynn is such the complete artist today, that it’s hard to believe she ever experienced such harsh criticism and negativity.

With a severe case of stage fright and repeatedly being put down for wanting to sing, she overcame her obstacles and at the tender age of 14 she stepped into the limelight to begin her singing career as a country music artist. Thanks to her grandpa, she hit the stage for her very first performance at a local festival called Mt. Tabor Home Coming.

Growing up in the small mountain town of White, PA, she comes from a family of country and rock and roll music. With idols like Reba McEntire, Johnny Cash and Shania Twain, it’s easy to hear the traditional/soulful influences in her voice while at the same time hearing a modern power house of female country attitude! After recording her first demo CD her name began to spread and performance opportunities opened up!

Performing 100s of shows as well as taking first place in multiple competitions over the years, Katrina?s voice reached the ears of Nashville Producer/Songwriter David Walker, of “Walker Musical Enterprises”. She made a trip to Nashville, TN. and recorded her first professional album titled “Towin the Line”.

Soon after returning from Nashville Katrina started catching the attention of country music radio stations around the world! Many of which she earned interviews, spotlight segments and permanent rotation of her songs! Katrina made her way onto the European Circuit and topped the ECMA music charts in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, and Australia, alongside some big names like Martina McBride, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, Taylor Swift and more!

She was even featured on The ECMA’s Country Music Legends in the Making album and show! Katrina competed in a radio music contest featuring artists from around the world on Texas Radio Station KVGI’s (Now  RAVN Radio) Show “Crush It or Flush It”. She won 6 times in a row by fan vote, earning her worldwide exposure and permanent rotation on their radio station!

With a new album in the works due to be released in 2019, Katrina is honing in on her song writing skills and expanding her music out farther. Not only does Katrina have a powerful voice that can cause goosebumps and bring you to tears but she has the down home heart, drive and faith that anything is possible.

A HUGEl thank you goes to Katrina Lynn for being a a faithful follower and a friend to the radio and owner. You will always be in our hearts and engraved in our souls. You keep being you and perform your heart out, we will be there every step of the way!

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